Insurance Appraisals

Insurance Appraisals


It’s lost, stolen or broken….NOW WHAT??

You have a beautiful diamond ring, it’s been appraised and insured, now it’s GONE! What’s the next step?  First, call your insurance company to file a claim.  Next call Gregory Scot Jewelers to help in the replacement process.

Why choose Gregory Scot Jewelers?

Our welcoming showroom, compassionate and knowledgeable GIA trained replacement specialists make Gregory Scot Jewelers the ideal place to replace what has been lost.

Insurance claims aren’t just for lost or stolen items. Diamonds can be chipped or even broken, and jewelry can suffer other damage. You may need to file a claim for these repairs as well. And if your original diamond came with a GIA lab report, you want to make sure the replacement diamond also has a GIA lab reportIn short, you need someone in your corner!

We work closely with all parties involved to guarantee you receive your replacement jewelry quickly and accurately.


Insurance Adjusters and Agents

Gregory Scot Jewelers offers FREE replacement quotes to all insurance adjusters and agents.  In most cases, replacement quotes are provided in 24 hours or less, so that you and your clients can handle the claim and replace their jewelry as quickly as possible. We will save you money with wholesale pricing on replacement jewelry.


Not everyone wants to sell their prized possession, which is ok too, just make sure they’re insured.

Here at Gregory Scot Jewelers we can appraise your jewelry for insurance purposes. We will clean, inspect, appraise your prized possessions and issue the proper paperwork to be forwarded to your insurance company.

As we keep hearing, “Gold is at an all time high”, that being said if you’re not selling it you should appraise. Don’t be caught with out- dated, undervalued appraisals if some unfortunate circumstance occurs.

Verbal value estimates are given at no charge.