Estate Jewelry & Buying

Estate Jewelry & Buying

Estate Buying

GIA trained and certified is the qualification Gregory Scot Jewelers affords its customers. Don’t bring your gold, diamonds and jewelry to someone who can’t appraise the items for insurance purposes. You wouldn’t get a tooth pulled by your mechanic so why ship your valuables in the mail or sell them to someone who doesn’t have the training to recognize a ruby from a garnet. Here at Gregory Scot Jewelers are trained professionals can help you determine what your jewelry is comprised of and assist you in making an informed decision about selling your gold, diamonds, jewelry, silver and more.

Don’t wait! Bring in your families’ estate jewelry, your old out dated pieces, even broken and mismatched items. We can pay you cash on the spot or allow a premium towards trade on new merchandise.

Not sure what has value? Don’t worry that’s why we are here. Come by with your boxes of, “I don’t know what’s real or fake”, and we’ll help you sift through before the weekend yard sale.

Items to bring in

  • Diamonds– All shapes and sizes
  • Gold– 9k, 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, 24K Our low overhead allows you more cash for your gold!
  • Silver- Jewelry, flatware, candelabras, etc. Not sure if it’s silver? We’ll find out!
  • Pearls-What’s real?  What’s not?  We’ll even help you decide which strand to restring for your daughters wedding  

  • Pocket Watches– All makes and sizes
  • Colored Gemstones Is it a sapphire or blue topaz?
  • Coins- silver and gold

In-Home Consultation

Gregory Scot offers discreet in-home evaluations of your jewelry, silver, watches, coins and other valuables. Have too many boxes to carry to our store? Have difficulty or unable to travel? Uncomfortable bringing your items out of the house or safety deposit box? No problem – let our experienced staff come to you! We understand if you prefer to be discreet and cautious with your prized possessions. We’re more than happy to come out and offer our services where you are most comfortable!

Whether you are looking to sell or appraise, Gregory Scot Jewelers can help. Call today for an appointment!