Gregory Scot Jewelry offers a loan service to help avoid overwhelming bank loans and debt. We’re happy to provide our customers an additional choice the conventional outlets do not. Get cash fast when you need it, without jumping through hoops or dealing with stressful financial companies.

We don’t just buy and sell precious metals and jewelry merchandise. Gregory Scot Jewelers provides cash loans on gold, diamonds, jewelry and more. Although our roots are in jewelry, we purchase and loan on a wide variety of items! Give us a call or bring in your items of valuable, and walk out with cash to take care of your bills, and other money woes.

Today’s uncertain and trying economic times are affecting even the most financially savvy people. The History Channel and their show “Pawn Stairs” have enlightened the public and legitimized the pawn industry. Previously skeptical consumers feel more comfortable and confident in the pawn and cash loan process than ever before. At Gregory Scot, we are trained and experienced professionals you can trust to give you a fair deal and treat you with respect.

Not sure if we’d be interested in your item? Just give us a call, we’ll be glad to help.

If you’re in need of a short term loan, come in and see us!

Licensed, bonded and regulated by Massachusetts state law!

  • Marie H

    I've heard so many wonderful things about Gregory Scott jewellers on this page plus I'm a huge fan of supporting small/local businesses, so with that being said I dropped my wedding set off to be sized. Now i just have a week to wait... The staff was knowledgeable and polite, aiming to please and the price was just as pleasant. Can't wait to see the end result.

  • Miki N

    I want to give a very heartfelt thank you to Gregory Scott Jewelers. I lost a diamond in my engagement ring recently and went there. He replaced the diamond and prong along with re-plating it and I had it back the same day! I never expected to have it back so quick and at a very affordable price. He will definitely have my business in the future.

  • Margaret C

    Huge, HUGE thank you to Gregory Scot Jeweler's! My mother-in-law is a resident of the Shaw Home and needed to have two rings cut off. I called to see if he could do that. Not only could he do it, but he actually went to the Shaw Home to do it within minutes of my calling. I had never met Scot and wasn't even sure where his store was. He didn't do it as a "favor" to me. He did it out of kindness and the goodness of his heart. That is truly above and beyond service! If you are downtown, be sure to stop in and check out his store. He has some beautiful pieces there and is a great asset to the community!

  • TJia T

    Gregory Scott Jewelers is a truly professional store from customer service to products being sold. We are very fortunate to have them in Middleboro.